EIT Manufacturing East GmbH

Ansprechperson: Jasmina Popovska

E-Mail: jasmina.popovska@eitmanufacturing.eu

Website: www.eitmanufacturing.eu

Beschreibung des Unternehmens & Klimaschutzbeitrag

EIT Manufacturing, supported by the EU’s EIT, stands as Europe’s innovation network for manufacturing. With over 200 prominent stakeholders spanning industry, academia, and research, it drives advancements in European products and processes, fostering global competitiveness and sustainability. Headquartered in Paris, its reach extends through innovation hubs located in Vienna, Darmstadt, Milan, Gothenburg, San Sebastian, and Athens, amplifying interdisciplinary collaboration across Europe.


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Relevanz für Green Finance

EIT Manufacturing addresses two major challenges: decarbonization of manufacturing and promotion of circular manufacturing. Our solution approaches are the following: 1. Demonstration of Low-Carbon Technologies: by leveraging our network and showcasing green technology solutions, we speed up the commercialization and wide-spread implementation of these technologies. 2. Financing Green Initiatives: we are actively contributing to the financing of green undertakings. This is achieved through our own means, such as funding of activities, and through partnerships with investors and other financial intermediaries. 3. Venture Capital Initiative: Our own investment arm supports early-stage start-ups in the green manufacturing sector. The aim is to empower these start-ups to establish their inaugural factories and pilot innovative solutions. 4. Raising Awareness and Building Skills: We believe that success in our Strategic Initiatives targeting green manufacturing relies heavily on raising awareness about the importance of sustainability and building the necessary skills to advance towards it.

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