INITS Universitäres Gründerservice GmbH

Ansprechperson: Andreas Gschöpf



Beschreibung des Unternehmens & Klimaschutzbeitrag

INiTS was founded in 2002 by the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna Business Agency with the aim to increase the transfer and the success rate of Research, – Technology and Innovation driven entrepreneurship projects and exploitation of R&D results out of the academic environment through spin-offs and startups.

As a University Business Incubator (UBI) we have repeatedly recognised by UBI Global as one of the world’s best University Incubators since 2013 and number one in the German-speaking world. Founded as the Vienna incubator for the AplusB program, we have comprehensively expanded our range of services through the technology marketplace START:IP and the financing instrument START Kapital and complemented it with the Acceleration program Health Hub Vienna.

We address all branches, not only start-ups, but also investors, companies, universities, and research institutions, thus establishing INiTS as a central hub for technology startups, also with a special focus and increase the impact for SDG`s, in special Climate/Environment, Female Founders and diverse Teams. For these we can also give a Bonus in Cash.

Supporting with high quality services, like collaborative, lean startup, customer development, sustainability focus on three pillars (economic/environmental/social), beginning in the early stages, mainly within the innovation execution process. For higher quality outcomes, risk steering and increasing the success rate for sustainability and stability in growth of knowledge-based Startup ideas/projects from the idea into the market. Furthermore, we connect quality Startups, Investors, Co-operates and Experts regarding their needs, interest and requirements and can offer StartKapital, Cash Bonus and offering an SDG- and Health Accelerator.


Ich bin Plattform oder Vermittler:in.

Themenbereich/e des Unternehmens

Erneuerbarer Strom, Erneuerbare Wärme, Mobilität, Energieeffizienz, Bioökonomie/ Kreislaufwirtschaft/ Landwirtschaft/ Ernährung, Grüne Infrastruktur/ Bauen und Wohnen, Klimawandelanpassung

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