Aero Enterprise GmbH

Ansprechperson: Michaela Plakolb



Beschreibung des Unternehmens & Klimaschutzbeitrag

Aero Enterprise is a technology-leading service and IT company in the renewable energy industry. Aero Enterprise provides a proprietary​ technology for the complete digital inspection workflow to the wind branch customers.​ Rotor blades are fundamental but expensive components of wind turbines and are particularly susceptible to damage, yet the technology for the Blade Management system is necessary more than ever.

Currently, there is no predictive maintenance existing in the industry. Aero Enterprise will offer an interacting Blade Management Lifecycle Platform for all stakeholders like owners, repair services, and manufacturers. Aero Enterprise provides point 3.1. Manufacture of renewable energy technologies assigned to the EU taxonomy. The prerequisite for a better energy yield is the efficient operation of wind turbines, which means Increasing performance without increased downtime, and that starts with efficient inspection and maintenance


Ich suche nach Finanzierung eines gesamten Unternehmens/Start-ups im Bereich Klimaschutz/Klimawandelanpassung.


€1.000.001 – €5.000.000

Themenbereich/e des Unternehmens

Erneuerbarer Strom

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